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Nanoporous Gyroid-Structured Epoxy from Block Copolymer Templates for High Protein Adsorbability

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posted on 01.06.2016, 00:00 by Xin-Bo Wang, Tze-Chung Lin, Han-Yu Hsueh, Shih-Chieh Lin, Xiao-Dong He, Rong-Ming Ho
Nanoporous epoxy with gyroid texture is fabricated by using a nanoporous polymer with gyroid-forming nanochannels as a template for polymerization of epoxy. The nanoporous polymer template is obtained from the self-assembly of degradable block copolymer, polystyrene-b-poly­(l-lactide) (PS–PLLA), followed by hydrolysis of PLLA blocks. Templated polymerization can be conducted under ambient conditions to create well-defined, bicontinuous epoxy networks in a PS matrix. By taking advantage of multistep curing of epoxy, well-ordered robust nanoporous epoxy can be obtained after removal of PS template, giving robust porous materials. The through-hole nanoporous epoxy in the film state can be used as a coated layer to enhance the adsorbability for both lysozyme and bovine serum albumin.