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Nanopore-Based DNA Hard Drives for Rewritable and Secure Data Storage

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posted on 03.04.2020, 19:44 by Kaikai Chen, Jinbo Zhu, Filip Bošković, Ulrich F. Keyser
Nanopores are powerful single-molecule tools for label-free sensing of nanoscale molecules including DNA that can be used for building designed nanostructures and performing computations. Here, DNA hard drives (DNA-HDs) are introduced based on DNA nanotechnology and nanopore sensing as a rewritable molecular memory system, allowing for storing, operating, and reading data in the changeable three-dimensional structure of DNA. Writing and erasing data are significantly improved compared to previous molecular storage systems by employing controllable attachment and removal of molecules on a long double-stranded DNA. Data reading is achieved by detecting the single molecules at the millisecond time scale using nanopores. The DNA-HD also ensures secure data storage where the data can only be read after providing the correct physical molecular keys. Our approach allows for easy-writing and easy-reading, rewritable, and secure data storage toward a promising miniature scale integration for molecular data storage and computation.