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Nanoparticle-Encapsulated Hollow Porous Polymeric Nanosphere Frameworks as Highly Active and Tunable Size-Selective Catalysts

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posted on 2019-09-17, 11:33 authored by Yang Xu, Yuxing Yao, Haitao Yu, Buyin Shi, Shengguang Gao, Li Zhang, Abigail L. Miller, Jen-Chun Fang, Xiaoguang Wang, Kun Huang
We report the use of hyper-cross-linked polymers for synthesis of hollow porous polymeric nanosphere frameworks (HPPNFs) as highly efficient yolk–shell structured catalysts. This approach involves encapsulation of ligand-free metal nanoparticles within the hyper-cross-linked HPPNFs, giving rise to remarkable catalytic activity as well as outstanding reusability toward hydrogenation. By tuning the molecular size of the reactant, we demonstrate intrinsic size selectivity precisely defined by the HPPNF-based catalyst. Because the solvent polarity determines the porosity of the HPPNFs, it provides guidance to design a class of responsive and functional soft materials for use in catalysis technology.