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Nanofibrous Aerogel Bulk Assembled by Cross-Linked SiC/SiOx Core–Shell Nanofibers with Multifunctionality and Temperature-Invariant Hyperelasticity

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posted on 2019-09-17, 13:38 authored by Bo Ren, Jingjing Liu, Yedong Rong, Lu Wang, Yuju Lu, Xiaoqing Xi, Jinlong Yang
Nanofibrous aerogels constructed solely by ceramic components with temperature-invariant hyperelasticity could have broad technological implications in extreme environments. However, creating such materials has proven to be extremely challenging. Despite the results from laboratory, those aerogels are, unfortunately, still plagued with issues that would retard their further application: inferior structural integrity, failure at large compressive deformation, high production cost, and inability to withstand rigorous working conditions. To tackle these challenges, we report a facile strategy combining the chemical vapor deposition process and layer-by-layer self-assembly to construct hyperelastic SiC nanofibrous aerogels with three-dimensional porous architecture and improved structural integrity. The resultant aerogels outperform their natural counterparts and most state-of-the-art ceramic nanofibrous aerogels in their capability to quickly recover from large compressive deformation (50% strain), function in a wide range of temperatures, from −196 °C to 1100 °C in air, maintain high particle matter removal efficiency of >99.96%, and rapidly absorb various organic solvents and oils with high capacity and robust recoverability. Nanofibrous aerogels constructed by such a versatile method could provide fresh insights into the exploration of multifunctional nanofibrous aerogels for a variety of applications in extreme environments.