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Nanoassembled Plasmonic-Photonic Hybrid Cavity for Tailored Light-Matter Coupling

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posted on 2010-03-10, 00:00 authored by Michael Barth, Stefan Schietinger, Sabine Fischer, Jan Becker, Nils Nüsse, Thomas Aichele, Bernd Löchel, Carsten Sönnichsen, Oliver Benson
We propose and demonstrate a hybrid cavity system in which metal nanoparticles are evanescently coupled to a dielectric photonic crystal cavity using a nanoassembly method. While the metal constituents lead to strongly localized fields, optical feedback is provided by the surrounding photonic crystal structure. The combined effect of plasmonic field enhancement and high quality factor (Q ≈ 900) opens new routes for the control of light-matter interaction at the nanoscale.