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Naked-Eye Detection of Grapevine Red-Blotch Viral Infection Using a Plasmonic CRISPR Cas12a Assay

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posted on 05.09.2019, 17:40 by Yongya Li, Hayam Mansour, Tony Wang, Sudarsana Poojari, Feng Li
Herein, we described a novel plasmonic CRISPR Cas12a assay for the visual, colorimetric detection of grapevine viral infections. Our assay generates rapid and specific colorimetric signals for nucleic acid amplicons by combining the unique target-induced incriminate single-stranded DNase activity of Cas12a with plasmon coupling of DNA functionalized gold nanoparticles. The practical applicability of our plasmonic assay was successfully demonstrated through the detection of emerging red-blotch viral infections in grapevine samples collected from commercial vineyards.