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Nagelamides Q and R, Novel Dimeric Bromopyrrole Alkaloids from Sponges Agelas sp.

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posted on 16.04.2009, 00:00 by Atsushi Araki, Takaaki Kubota, Kazuki Aoyama, Yuzuru Mikami, Jane Fromont, Jun’ichi Kobayashi
Two new dimeric bromopyrrole alkaloids, nagelamides Q (1) and R (2), have been isolated from Okinawan marine sponges of the genus Agelas (SS-1134 and SS-956, respectively), and the structures and stereochemistry were elucidated from spectroscopic data. Nagelamide Q (1) is a rare dimeric bromopyrrole alkaloid possessing a pyrrolidine ring, while nagelamide R (2) is the first bromopyrrole alkaloid having an oxazoline ring. Nagelamides Q (1) and R (2) showed antimicrobial activity.