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NOx Selective Catalytic Reduction (NOx‑SCR) by Urea: Evidence of the Reactivity of HNCO, Including a Specific Reaction Pathway for NOx Reduction Involving NO + NO2

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posted on 2016-05-24, 00:00 authored by M. Seneque, F. Can, D. Duprez, X. Courtois
To treat the NOx emissions from diesel vehicles, NOx selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process by NH3 requires the use of a precursor: an urea aqueous solution. Using an innovative experimental synthetic gas bench adjusted to powdered catalysts and allowing the use of urea or ammonia, the competitive reactivity of the HNCO intermediate species was evidenced. This intermediate species was found to be highly reactive toward NO2, without NOx reduction. During the SCR process, a mix of both NO and NO2 was evidenced to react with HNCO and contribute to the NOx reduction efficiency, resulting in an original pathway.