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NMR-Based Metabolomics Approach To Study the Influence of Different Conditions of Water Irrigation and Greenhouse Ventilation on Zucchini Crops

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posted on 26.07.2018, 14:51 by Ana Cristina Abreu, Luis Manuel Aguilera-Sáez, Araceli Peña, Mar García-Valverde, Patricia Marín, Diego L. Valera, Ignacio Fernández
This study describes the approach of 1H NMR metabolomic profiling for the differentiation of zucchini produced under different conditions of water irrigation (desalinated seawater −0.397 dS/m, 0.52 €/m3 vs groundwater −2.36 dS/m, 0.29 €/m3) and ventilation (surface area of the vent openings/greenhouse area was 15.0% for one sector and 9.8% for the other). Overall, 72 extracts of zucchini (Cucubirta pepo L. cv Victoria) under four different conditions were regularly analyzed during the spring-summer cycle from April to July 2017. We have found that zucchini plants irrigated with desalinated seawater increased the zucchini production yield, presented fruits with higher concentration of glucose, fructose, and vitamin B3, and displayed an increased antioxidant activity. On the contrary, plant groundwater irrigation produced the increment of sucrose level that could rise the sweetness perception of the fruits. Finally, the ventilation variable produced a higher concentration of trigonelline, histidine, and phenylalanine but only on those zucchinis irrigated with groundwater.