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Multireusable Thermoset with Anomalous Flame-Triggered Shape Memory Effect

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posted on 2019-04-15, 00:00 authored by Xiaming Feng, Jizhou Fan, Ang Li, Guoqiang Li
While thermosets with high mechanical properties and shape memory capabilities have been developed in recent years, two main bottlenecks persist in their intrinsic nonreusability and flammability, especially for those shape memory thermosets used in recycling-required field with high glass transition temperatures (Tg) and thus risky high temperatures to trigger shape recovery. Here, we report a new shape memory epoxy thermoset integrated with excellent fire retardancy, recyclability, high mechanical performance, and 100% shape recovery ratio. The shape memory effect of this new thermoset was directly triggered by high-temperature flame for the first time. Furthermore, the survival thermoset can be recycled by a simple solid-state recycling method and reused as reinforcing fillers for polyester. The highest recycling efficiency reached 85.4%, and the reinforced composite presented about four times higher storage modulus compared to that of neat sample. This work may open a door for application of thermoset shape memory polymers in many lightweight engineering structures and devices where fire hazard is a concern. The newly proposed concept of flame-triggered shape memory effect may also find applications in fire-protecting system.