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Multilayered Magnetic Nanobeads for the Delivery of Peptides Molecules Triggered by Intracellular Proteases

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posted on 31.08.2017, 00:00 by Alessandra Quarta, Marina Rodio, Marco Cassani, Giuseppe Gigli, Teresa Pellegrino, Loretta L. del Mercato
In this work, the versatility of layer-by-layer technology was combined with the magnetic response of iron oxide nanobeads to prepare magnetic mesostructures with a degradable multilayer shell into which a dye quenched ovalbumin conjugate (DQ-OVA) was loaded. The system was specifically designed to prove the protease sensitivity of the hybrid mesoscale system and the easy detection of the ovalbumin released. The uptake of the nanostructures in the breast cancer cells was followed by the effective release of DQ-OVA upon activation via the intracellular proteases degradation of the polymer shells. Monitoring the fluorescence rising due to DQ-OVA digestion and the cellular dye distribution, together with the electron microscopy studying, enabled us to track the shell degradation and the endosomal uptake pathway that resulted in the release of the digested fragments of DQ ovalbumin in the cytosol.