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Multifunctional Tissue-Adhesive Cryogel Wound Dressing for Rapid Nonpressing Surface Hemorrhage and Wound Repair

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posted on 29.07.2020, 19:04 authored by Meng Li, Zhiyi Zhang, Yongping Liang, Jiahui He, Baolin Guo
Cryogels with tissue adhesion have great potential as wound dressings for rapid hemostasis for uncontrollable nonpressing surface hemorrhage and wound healing, but their use has not been reported previously. Herein, we designed a series of antibacterial and antioxidant tissue-adhesive cryogels based on quaternized chitosan (QCS) and polydopamine (PDA). These cryogels had good blood cell and platelet adhesion, enrichment, and activation properties for rapid nonpressing surface hemostasis and wound healing. The cryogels exhibited outstanding mechanical strength and easy removability, antioxidant activity, and NIR photothermal-enhanced antibacterial performance. The cryogels showed much better hemostasis than gauze and gelatin sponge in a standardized strip rat liver injury model, a standardized circular rabbit liver section model, and a pig skin laceration model. Furthermore, the excellent hemostatic performance of the QCS/PDA2.0 cryogel (containing 20 mg/mL QCS and 2.0 mg/mL PDA) for coagulopathic hemorrhages was confirmed in a standardized coagulation disorder rabbit circular liver section model. In addition, the QCS/PDA2.0 cryogel promoted rapid hemostasis in a deep noncompressible wound and a much better wound healing effect than a chitosan sponge and Tegaderm film in a full-thickness skin defect model. Overall, these multifunctional tissue-adhesive cryogels with excellent hemostatic performance and enhanced wound healing properties are suitable candidates for tissue-adhesive hemostat and wound healing dressings.