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Multifunctional Magneto-Fluorescent Nanocarriers for Dual Mode Imaging and Targeted Drug Delivery

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posted on 11.04.2019, 00:00 by Ashish Tiwari, Ashutosh Singh, Ayan Debnath, Ankur Kaul, Neha Garg, Rashi Mathur, Anup Singh, Jaspreet K. Randhawa
The authors describe a novel multifunctional magneto-fluorescent MFCSNPs-FA-CHI-5FU nanocarrier that consists of magneto-fluorescent nanoparticles (MFCSNPs) targeted with folic acid (FA), modified with chitosan (CHI), and loaded with a 5-flouoruracil (5-FU) in dual mode imaging and targeted drug delivery. Multifunctional magneto-fluorescent nanocarriers show multicolor emission and superparamagnetic behavior which are advantageous for bioimaging and magnetic resonance (MR) imaging, respectively. In-vitro drug release studies show a pH-activated drug release with 92% of loaded 5-FU released in 30 h and MR imaging exhibiting excellent dose-dependent signal enhancement in T2-weighted images. This suggests that MFCSNPs-FA-CHI-5FU nanocarriers can be used as T2-weighted negative contrast agents in cancer diagnosis. In-vitro cytotoxicity and anticancer activity of the synthesized MFCSNPs-FA-CHI-5FU nanocarriers were evaluated on three cancer cell lines having different percentages of folate receptors viz. A375, MCF-7, and HeLa cells. The results show a very sensitive drug targeting response. Confocal laser scanning microscopy imaging (CLSM) displays targeted cellular internalization of MFCSNPs-FA-CHI-5FU nanocarriers in cancer cells. The biocompatibility of MFCSNPs-FA-CHI-5FU nanocarriers was ascertained ex-vivo by hemolysis and serum stability studies. The in vivo biodistribution studies were evaluated by radiolabeling MFCSNPs-FA-CHI-5FU nanocarriers with 99m technetium (99mTc). Thus, the synthesized nanocarriers, a dual mode imaging probe, show great potential in targeted drug delivery to improve the existing cancer theranostics.