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Multicomponent Patterning of Indium Tin Oxide

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posted on 22.08.2012, 00:00 by Carleen M. Bowers, Alexander A. Shestopalov, Robert L. Clark, Eric J. Toone
We report a versatile functionalization and pattering technique that permits multicomponent pattern-specific modification of indium tin oxide (ITO) with organic species. The method relies on a bilayered molecular system that simultaneously protects ITO from degradation and provides uniform chemical functionality suitable for further elaboration. Pattern-specific modification is achieved via specific reaction between functionality on an elastomeric stamp and functionality of cognate reactivity at the surface of a bilayered molecular substrate. We demonstrate that a single molecular system in a combination with different printing approaches can be used to immobilize multiple organic functionalities with exquisite spatial control on a single ITO surface. Our study provides the first general approach that permits patterning and functionalization of ITO with different molecules using a single set of printing conditions and materials.