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Multicomponent Cascade Reaction by Metal-Free Aerobic Oxidation for Synthesis of Highly Functionalized 2‑Amino-4-coumarinyl-5-arylpyrroles

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posted on 2019-12-19, 16:56 authored by Quan-Xing Zi, Chang-Long Yang, Kun Li, Qin Luo, Jun Lin, Sheng-Jiao Yan
A novel approach has been constructed for the synthesis of two types of 2-amino-4-coumarinyl-5-arylpyrroles (ACAPs, 5 and 6) through a cascade reaction and a metal-free catalyzed aerobic oxidation reaction of arylglyoxal monohydrates 1, 1,1-enediamines (EDAMs) 2 and 3, and 4-hydroxy-2H-chromen-2-ones 4 via multicomponent reactions to produce the target compounds with good to excellent yields. Specifically, hydroxyl-substituted 2-amino-4-coumarinyl-5-arylpyrroles, that is, 2-amino-4-coumarinyl-5-aryl-6-hydroxylpyrroles (ACAHPs) 6, were obtained by metal-free aerobic oxidation in 1,4-dioxane at simple reflux for approximately 10 h. As a result, ACAHPs 6 have been produced without metal catalysts or traditional oxidizing agents. This method represents a route to obtain the novel ACAPs in an environmentally friendly, concise, rapid, and practical manner with potential biological activity of the product.