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Multicompartment Lipid Cubic Nanoparticles with High Protein Upload: Millisecond Dynamics of Formation

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posted on 27.05.2014, 00:00 by Borislav Angelov, Angelina Angelova, Sergey K. Filippov, Markus Drechsler, Petr Štěpánek, Sylviane Lesieur
Membrane shapes, produced by dynamically assembled lipid/protein architectures, are crucial for both physiological functions and the design of therapeutic nanotechnologies. Here we investigate the dynamics of lipid membrane–neurotrophic BDNF protein complexes formation and ordering in nanoparticles, with the purpose of innovation in nanostructure-based neuroprotection and biomimetic nanoarchitectonics. The kinetic pathway of membrane states associated with rapidly occurring nonequilibrium self-assembled lipid/protein nanoarchitectures was determined by millisecond time-resolved small-angle X-ray scattering (SAXS) at high resolution. The neurotrophin binding and millisecond trafficking along the flexible membranes induced an unusual overlay of channel-network architectures including two coexisting cubic lattices epitaxially connected to lamellar membrane stacks. These time-resolved membrane processes, involving intercalation of discrete stiff proteins in continuous soft membranes, evidence stepwise curvature control mechanisms. The obtained three-phase liquid-crystalline nanoparticles of neurotrophic composition put forward important advancements in multicompartment soft-matter nanostructure design.