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Multichannel Series Piezoelectric Quartz Crystal Cell Sensor for Real Time and Quantitative Monitoring of the Living Cell and Assessment of Cytotoxicity

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posted on 21.10.2014, 00:00 by Feifei Tong, Yan Lian, Huang Zhou, Xiaohong Shi, Fengjiao He
A new multichannel series piezoelectric quartz crystal (MSPQC) cell sensor for real time monitoring of living cells in vitro was reported in this paper. The constructed sensor was used successfully to monitor adhesion, spreading, proliferation, and apoptosis of MG63 osteosarcoma cells and investigate the effects of different concentrations of cobalt chloride on MG63 cells. Quantitative real time and dynamic cell analyses data were conducted using the MSPQC cell sensor. Compared with methods such as fluorescence staining and morphology observation by microscopy, the MSPQC cell sensor is noninvasive, label free, simple, cheap, and capable of online monitoring. It can automatically record the growth status of cells and quantitatively evaluate cell proliferation and the apoptotic response to drugs. It will be a valuable detection and analysis tool for the acquisition of cellular level information and is anticipated to have application in the field of cell biology research or cytotoxicity testing in the future.