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Monooxytellurane(IV) Derivatives ([10−Te−4(C3O)]). Syntheses and Molecular Structure of Triaryltelluronium Carboxylate Compounds

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posted on 20.03.1998, 00:00 authored by Soichi Sato, Norihisa Kondo, Ernst Horn, Naomichi Furukawa
Bis(2,2‘-biphenylylene)tellurane (1) undergoes a ring-opening reaction on treatment with acetic and benzoic acid to afford the triaryltelluronium carboxylate derivatives [10−Te−4(C3O)] (2). (2,2‘-Biphenylylene)(2-biphenylyl)benzoyloxytellurane (λ4-tellane) (2a) and (2,2‘-biphenylylene)(2-biphenylyl)acetyloxytellurane (λ4-tellane) (2b) were subjected to X-ray crystallographic analysis, which revealed that they crystallize as monomers and dimers, respectively, and that their Te centers have a distorted trigonal-bipyramidal bonding geometry.