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Mononitrosyl Tris(Thiolate) Iron Complex [Fe(NO)(SPh)3]- and Dinitrosyl Iron Complex [(EtS)2Fe(NO)2]-:  Formation Pathway of Dinitrosyl Iron Complexes (DNICs) from Nitrosylation of Biomimetic Rubredoxin [Fe(SR)4]2-/1- (R = Ph, Et)

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posted on 16.10.2006, 00:00 authored by Tsai-Te Lu, Show-Jen Chiou, Chun-Yu Chen, Wen-Feng Liaw
Nitrosylation of the biomimetic reduced- and oxidized-form rubredoxin [Fe(SR)4]2-/1- (R = Ph, Et) in a 1:1 stoichiometry led to the formation of the extremely air- and light-sensitive mononitrosyl tris(thiolate) iron complexes (MNICs) [Fe(NO)(SR)3]- along with byproducts [SR]- or (RS)2. Transformation of [Fe(NO)(SR)3]- into dinitrosyl iron complexes (DNICs) [(RS)2Fe(NO)2]- and Roussin's red ester [Fe2(μ-SR)2(NO)4] occurs rapidly under addition of 1 equiv of NO(g) and [NO]+, respectively. Obviously, the mononitrosyl tris(thiolate) complex [Fe(NO)(SR)3]- acts as an intermediate when the biomimetic oxidized- and reduced-form rubredoxin [Fe(SR)4]2-/1- exposed to NO(g) were modified to form dinitrosyl iron complexes [(RS)2Fe(NO)2]-. Presumably, NO binding to the electron-deficient [FeIII(SR)4]- and [FeIII(NO)(SR)3]- complexes triggers reductive elimination of dialkyl/diphenyl disulfide, while binding of NO radical to the reduced-form [FeII(SR)4]2- induces the thiolate-ligand elimination. Protonation of [Fe(NO)(SEt)3]- yielding [Fe(NO)(SPh)3]- by adding 3 equiv of thiophenol and transformation of [Fe(NO)(SPh)3]- to [Fe(NO)(SEt)3]- in the presence of 3 equiv of [SEt]-, respectively, demonstrated that complexes [Fe(NO)(SPh)3]- and [Fe(NO)(SEt)3]- are chemically interconvertible. Mononitrosyl tris(thiolate) iron complex [Fe(NO)(SPh)3]- and dinitrosyl iron complex [(EtS)2Fe(NO)2]- were isolated and characterized by X-ray diffraction. The mean NO bond distances of 1.181(7) Å (or 1.191(7) Å) in complex [(EtS)2Fe(NO)2]- are nearly at the upper end of the 1.178(3)−1.160(6) Å for the anionic {Fe(NO)2}9 DNICs, while the mean FeN(O) distances of 1.674(6) Å (or 1.679(6) Å) exactly fall in the range of 1.695(3)−1.661(4) Å for the anionic {Fe(NO)2}9 DNICs.