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Monitoring Chemistry In Situ with a Smart Stirrer: A Magnetic Stirrer Bar with an Integrated Process Monitoring System

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posted on 2020-07-17, 16:34 authored by Nikolay Cherkasov, Samuel Baldwin, Gregory J. Gibbons, Dmitry Isakov
Inspired by the miniaturization and efficiency of the sensors for telemetry, we have developed a device that provides the functionalities of laboratory magnetic stirring and integrated multisensor monitoring of various chemical reaction parameters. The device, called “Smart Stirrer”, when immersed in a solution, can in situ monitor physical properties of the chemical reaction such as the temperature, conductivity, visible spectrum, opaqueness, stirring rate, and viscosity. This data is transmitted real-time over a wireless connection to an external system, such as a PC or smartphone. The flexible open-source software architecture allows effortless programming of the operation parameters of the Smart Stirrer in accordance with the end-user needs. The concept of the Smart Stirrer device with an integrated process monitoring system has been demonstrated in a series of experiments showing its capability for many hours of continuous telemetry with fine accuracy and a high data rate. Such a device can be used in conventional research laboratories, industrial production lines, flow reactors, and others where it can log the state of the process to ensure repeatability and operational consistency.