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Molecular Recognition: The Demonstration of 1,3-Bis[(pyrid-2-ylamino)carbonyl]adamantane as an Exceptionally Versatile Assembler of One-Dimensional Motifs

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posted on 26.03.1997, 00:00 authored by Isabella L. Karle, Darshan Ranganathan, V. Haridas
Syntheses and crystal structures of 1,3-bis[(pyrid-2-ylamino)carbonyl]adamantane (1) and its perchlorate salt, copper(II) complex, and 1:1 complexes with a large variety of simple and functionalized 1,ω-alkanedicarboxylic acids, HOOC−X−COOH [X = (CH2)n, n = 2, 3, 5, and 8; −CH2−CO (α-ketoglutaric acid); CHCH (maleic acid)] are described. The molecule 1 exhibits remarkable adaptability with respect to the conformation of its two hydrogen-bonding subunits to suit the requirements of the assembling partners so as to generate persistently one-dimensional motifs, for example, infinite zig-zag ribbons with perchlorate ions and chains with both Cu(II) ions and dicarboxylic acids.