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Molecular Nanoscale Magnetic Refrigerants: A Ferrimagnetic {CuII15GdIII7} Cagelike Cluster from the Use of Pyridine-2,6-dimethanol

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posted on 16.09.2013, 00:00 authored by Despina Dermitzaki, Giulia Lorusso, Catherine P. Raptopoulou, Vassilis Psycharis, Albert Escuer, Marco Evangelisti, Spyros P. Perlepes, Theocharis C. Stamatatos
The employment of pyridine-2,6-dimethanol in 3d/4f metal cluster chemistry has afforded a new {CuII15GdIII7} cagelike molecule with a beautiful structure built by fused triangular subunits; the compound exhibits an overall ferrimagnetic behavior with an appreciable ground-state spin value and shows promise as a low-temperature magnetic refrigerant.