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Molecular Layer Deposition on Carbon Nanotubes

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posted on 24.09.2013, 00:00 by Joseph J. Brown, Robert A. Hall, Paul E. Kladitis, Steven M. George, Victor M. Bright
Molecular layer deposition (MLD) techniques were used to deposit conformal coatings on bulk quantities of carbon nanotubes (CNTs). Several metalcone MLD chemistries were employed, including alucone (trimethylaluminum/glycerol and trimethylaluminum/ethylene glycol), titanicone (TiCl4/glycerol), and zincone (diethyl zinc/glycerol). The metalcone MLD films grew directly on the CNTs and MLD initiation did not require atomic layer deposition (ALD) of an adhesion layer. Transmission electron microscopy revealed that MLD formed three-dimensional conformal deposits throughout a CNT scaffold. Mechanical testing was also performed on sheets of CNT networks coated by MLD. Young’s Modulus values improved from an initial value of 510 MPa for uncoated CNT sheet to values that ranged from 2.2 GPa, for 10 nm of glycerol alucone (AlGL), to 8.7 GPa for a composite 5 nm AlGL + 5 nm Al2O3 coating.