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Molecular Electronics at Metal/Semiconductor Junctions. Si Inversion by Sub-Nanometer Molecular Films

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posted on 2009-06-10, 00:00 authored by Omer Yaffe, Luc Scheres, Sreenivasa Reddy Puniredd, Nir Stein, Ariel Biller, Rotem Har Lavan, Hagay Shpaisman, Han Zuilhof, Hossam Haick, David Cahen, Ayelet Vilan
Electronic transport across n-Si-alkyl monolayer/Hg junctions is, at reverse and low forward bias, independent of alkyl chain length from 18 down to 1 or 2 carbons! This and further recent results indicate that electron transport is minority, rather than majority carrier dominated, occurs via generation and recombination, rather than (the earlier assumed) thermionic emission, and, as such, is rather insensitive to interface properties. The (m)ethyl results show that binding organic molecules directly to semiconductors provides semiconductor/metal interface control options, not accessible otherwise.