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Molecular Dynamics of Polyfarnesene

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posted on 2018-06-28, 18:48 authored by Ciprian Iacob, Taejun Yoo, James Runt
This paper represents the first comprehensive report of the molecular weight dependence of the dynamics of polyfarnesene (PF), utilizing oscillatory shear rheology and broadband dielectric spectroscopy. Extended PF chain conformations arising from tightly packed C11/C13 pendant groups reduce the probability of chain entanglements and lead to Rouse-like melt dynamics up to a critical molecular weight ∼105 g/mol. At higher molecular weights, PF behaves as an entangled polymer melt. Dielectric spectroscopy measurements establish PF as a type-A polymer, whose normal mode relaxation is strongly dependent on molecular weight, providing a compliment to melt rheology for the exploration of PF global chain dynamics.