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Modulation of the Morphology of ZnO Nanostructures via Aminolytic Reaction:  From Nanorods to Nanosquamas

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posted on 04.07.2006, 00:00 by Zhihua Zhang, Shuhua Liu, Shueyin Chow, Ming-Yong Han
Various diversified morphology-modulated ZnO nanostructures including nanorods, nanotetrahedrons, nanofans, nanodumbbells, and nanosquamas have been successfully prepared via an effective aminolytic reaction of zinc carboxylates with oleylamine in noncoordinating and coordinating solvents. Their shape- and structural defect-dependent optical properties have been investigated as well. Highly crystalline defect-free nanotetrahedrons/nanorods have a sharp band-edge emission, and highly defective nanodumbbells/nanosquamas show a very broad deep-trap emission, resulting from the radiative recombination of electrons with holes in singly ionized oxygen vacancies.