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Modulating Structural and Electronic Properties of Rare Archimedean and Johnson-Type Mn Cages

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posted on 02.06.2021, 14:34 authored by Swetanshu Tandon, Friedrich W. Steuber, Amal C. Kathalikkattil, Munuswamy Venkatesan, Graeme W. Watson, Wolfgang Schmitt
High-nuclearity Mn complexes have attracted significant scientific attention due to their fascinating magnetic properties and their relevance to bioinorganic systems and catalysis. In this work, we demonstrate how the strong binding characteristics of phosphonate ligands can be coupled with sterically hindered carboxylate groups to influence the symmetry of Mn coordination clusters. We describe the structure of two high-nuclearity Mn coordination cages, {Mn12} and {Mn15}, synthesized using this approach. These cages are structurally related to the truncated tetrahedral geometry and adopt rare topological features of Archimedean and Johnson-type solids. Their structural attributes distinctively influence their magnetic properties and electrocatalytic H2O oxidation characteristics.