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Models of the Membrane-Bound Cytochromes:  Mössbauer Spectra of Crystalline Low-Spin Ferriheme Complexes Having Axial Ligand Plane Dihedral Angles Ranging from 0° to 90°

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posted on 01.02.2006, 00:00 by Thomas Teschner, Liliya Yatsunyk, Volker Schünemann, Hauke Paulsen, Heiner Winkler, Chuanjiang Hu, W. Robert Scheidt, F. Ann Walker, Alfred X. Trautwein
Crystalline samples of four low-spin Fe(III) octaalkyltetraphenylporphyrinate and two low-spin Fe(III) tetramesitylporphyrinate complexes, all of which are models of the bis-histidine-coordinated cytochromes of mitochondrial complexes II, III, and IV and chloroplast complex b6f, and whose molecular structures and EPR spectra have been reported previously, have been investigated in detail by Mössbauer spectroscopy. The six complexes and the dihedral angles between axial ligand planes of each are [(TMP)Fe(1-MeIm)2]ClO4 (0°), paral-[(OMTPP)Fe(1-MeIm)2]Cl (19.5°), paral-[(TMP)Fe(5-MeHIm)2]ClO4 (26°, 30° for two molecules in the unit cell whose EPR spectra overlap), [(OETPP)Fe(4-Me2NPy)2]Cl (70°), perp-[(OETPP)Fe(1-MeIm)2]Cl (73°), and perp-[(OMTPP)Fe(1-MeIm)2]Cl (90°). Of these, the first three have been shown to exhibit normal rhombic EPR spectra, each with three clearly resolved g-values, while the last three have been shown to exhibit “large gmax” EPR spectra at 4.2 K. It is found that the hyperfine coupling constants of the complexes are consistent with those reported previously for low-spin ferriheme systems, with the largest-magnitude hyperfine coupling constant, Azz, being considerably smaller for the “parallel” complexes (400−540 kG) than for the strictly perpendicular complex (902 kG), Axx being negative for all six complexes, and Azz and Axx being of similar magnitude for the “parallel” complexes (for example, for [(TMP)Fe(1-MeIm)2]Cl, Azz = 400 kG, Axx = −400 kG). In all cases, Ayy is small but difficult to estimate with accuracy. With results for six structurally characterized model systems, we find for the first time qualitative correlations of gzz, Azz, and ΔEQ with axial ligand plane dihedral angle Δφ.