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Minimal Fluorous Tagging Strategy that Enables the Synthesis of the Complete Stereoisomer Library of SCH725674 Macrolactones

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posted on 09.05.2012, 00:00 by Jared D. Moretti, Xiao Wang, Dennis P. Curran
Four mixtures of four fluorous-tagged quasiisomers have been synthesized, demixed, and detagged to make all 16 stereoisomers of the macrocyclic lactone natural product Sch725674. A new bare-minimum tagging pattern needs only two tagsone fluorous and one nonfluorousto encode four isomers. The structure of Sch725674 is assigned as (5R,6S,8R,14R,E)-5,6,8-trihydroxy-14-pentyloxacyclotetradec-3-en-2-one. Various comparisons of spectra of 32 lactones (16 with tags, 16 without) and 16 ester precursors (8 with tags, 8 without) provide insights into when and why related compounds have the same or different spectra.