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Miniature Multilevel Optical Memristive Switch Using Phase Change Material

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posted on 26.08.2019, 19:07 authored by Hanyu Zhang, Linjie Zhou, Liangjun Lu, Jian Xu, Ningning Wang, Hao Hu, B. M. Azizur Rahman, Zhiping Zhou, Jianping Chen
Optical memristive switches can be used as optical latching switches in which the switching state is changed only by applying an electrical Write/Erase pulse and maintained without an external power supply. We demonstrate an optical memristive switch based on a silicon multimode interferometer structure covered with nanoscale-sized Ge2Sb2Te5 (GST) material on top. The phase change of GST is triggered by resistive heating of the silicon layer beneath GST with an electrical pulse. Experimental results reveal that the optical transmissivity can be tuned in a controllable and repeatable manner. Partial crystallization of GST is obtained by controlling the width and amplitude of the electrical pulses. Crucially, we demonstrate that both Erase and Write operations, to and from any intermediate level, are possible with accurate control of the electrical pulses. Our work marks a significant step forward toward realizing photonic memristive switches without static power consumption, which are highly demanded in integrated photonics.