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Migration and Transformation of Taxane Allelochemicals in Soil

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posted on 2024-03-18, 19:08 authored by Bin Qiao, Wenxue Sun, Mengfei Tian, Qianqian Li, Kaitao Jia, Chunying Li, Chunjian Zhao
The migration and transformation of allelochemicals are important topics in the exploration of allelopathy. Current research on the migration of allelochemicals mostly uses soil column and thin layer methods and verifies it by sowing plant seeds. However, traditional methods inevitably ignore the flux caused by the movement of allelochemicals carried by water. In fact, the flux determines the amount of allelochemicals that directly affect plants. In this work, a method of microdialysis combined with a soil column and UPLC-MS/MS to detect the flux of allelochemicals was developed for the first time and successfully applied to the detection of five taxane allelochemicals in soil. Meanwhile, by adding taxane allelochemicals to the soil and detecting their transformation products using UPLC-MS/MS, the half-life of taxane in the soil was determined, and the transformation pathway of taxane allelochemicals in the soil was further speculated.