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Microwave-Enhanced Carbonylative Generation of Indanones and 3-Acylaminoindanones

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posted on 07.01.2005, 00:00 by Xiongyu Wu, Peter Nilsson, Mats Larhed
The development of microwave-accelerated protocols for palladium(0)-catalyzed carbonylative cyclization of unsaturated aryl bromides and chlorides is described. By employing o-bromostyryl derivatives lacking substituents on the vinylic bond, molybdenum hexacarbonyl-mediated in situ carbonylation delivered a set of indan-1-one products in high yield after only 20 min of heating. Without the addition of the tri-tert-butylphosphine releasing Fu-salt ((t-Bu)3PHBF4), only incomplete conversions of sluggish o-styryl bromides and chlorides were realized. Internal and chemoselective palladium(0)-catalyzed Heck arylations of enamides afforded suitable starting materials for subsequent rapid ring-closing reactions. Microwave-heated intramolecular in situ carbonylation of these electron-rich and sterically congested olefins conveniently afforded eight functionalized 3-acylaminoindanone derivatives in a novel synthetic process. Attempted carbonylative annulation of electron-poor o-bromocinnamic acid derivatives furnished only the corresponding lactones via a competing hydroxycarbonylation−Michael addition reaction sequence.