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Microwave-Assisted Cobinamide Synthesis

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journal contribution
posted on 15.08.2014, 00:00 by Keith ó Proinsias, Maksymilian Karczewski, Anna Zieleniewska, Dorota Gryko
We present a new method for the preparation of cobinamide (CN)2Cbi, a vitamin B12 precursor, that should allow its broader utility. Treatment of vitamin B12 with only NaCN and heating in a microwave reactor affords (CN)2Cbi as the sole product. The purification procedure was greatly simplified, allowing for easy isolation of the product in 94% yield. The use of microwave heating proved beneficial also for (CN)2Cbi­(c-lactone) synthesis. Treatment of (CN)2Cbi with triethanolamine led to (CN)2Cbi­(c-lactam).