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Microwave-Accelerated Spiro-Cyclizations of o-Halobenzyl Cyclohexenyl Ethers by Palladium(0) Catalysis

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posted on 20.07.2007, 00:00 by Andreas Svennebring, Peter Nilsson, Mats Larhed
A number of new spiro[cyclohexane-1,1‘-isobenzofuran]-based compounds was synthesized by palladium(0)-catalyzed 5-exo cyclization of a series of cyclohexenyl o-halobenzyl ethers. Controlled microwave heating was found to promote both product yield and reaction rate without compromising the selectivity. Heck cyclization of aryl iodide 6, 2-(2-iodobenzyloxy)cyclohex-2-enyl acetate, proceeded selectively without involvement of the allylic acetate functionality.