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Microscale-Resolution Thermal Mapping Using a Flexible Platform of Patterned Quantum Sensors

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posted on 13.07.2018, 00:00 by Paolo Andrich, Jiajing Li, Xiaoying Liu, F. Joseph Heremans, Paul F. Nealey, David D. Awschalom
Temperature sensors with micro- and nanoscale spatial resolution have long been explored for their potential to investigate the details of physical systems at an unprecedented scale. In particular, the rapid miniaturization of transistor technology, with its associated steep boost in power density, calls for sensors that accurately monitor heating distributions. Here, we report on a simple and scalable fabrication approach, based on directed self-assembly and transfer-printing techniques, to constructing arrays of nanodiamonds containing temperature-sensitive fluorescent spin defects. The nanoparticles are embedded within a low-thermal-conductivity matrix that allows for repeated use on a wide range of systems with minimal spurious effects. Additionally, we demonstrate access to a wide spectrum of array parameters ranging from sparser single-particle arrays, with the potential for quantum computing applications, to denser devices with 98 ± 0.8% yield and stronger photoluminescence signals, ideal for temperature measurements. With these, we experimentally reconstruct the temperature map of an operating coplanar waveguide to confirm the accuracy of these platforms.