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Microporous Metal–Organic Framework Based on Ligand-Truncation Strategy with High Performance for Gas Adsorption and Separation

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posted on 24.08.2017, 15:53 by Jianqiang Liu, Wenjing Wang, Zhidong Luo, Baohong Li, Daqiang Yuan
By using the ligand-truncation strategy, a microporous metal–organic framework (1) with high surface area was designedly synthesized. MOF 1 shows a new (4, 4)-connected net with a Schläfli symbol of (44.62)­(43.62.8)2(42.82.102) and exhibits a high H2 capture capacity (193 cm3 g–1 at 1 atm and 77 K) and selectivities for CO2 over N2 and CH4 at low pressure.