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Microporous Coordination Polymers as Efficient Sorbents for Air Dehumidification

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posted on 2014-03-04, 00:00 authored by Ping Guo, Antek G. Wong-Foy, Adam J. Matzger
Air drying is a widespread and critical industrial process. Removal of water from air is commonly accomplished by passage through a desiccant such as alumina; modest water capacity and energy intensive regeneration are limitations of currently used sorbents. Microporous coordination polymers (MCPs) are demonstrated here to be efficient desiccants for the dehumidification of air, and a comparison of their capacity, regenerability, and efficiency with commercial activated alumina is conducted. Complete regeneration using dry air with mild heating is achieved. The attainment of high capacity for the adsorption of water coupled to facile regeneration indicates that gas dehumidification may be an important application for MCPs.