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Microfluidic Studies of CO2 Sequestration by Frustrated Lewis Pairs

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posted on 12.03.2014, 00:00 by Dan Voicu, Milad Abolhasani, Rachelle Choueiri, Gabriella Lestari, Caroline Seiler, Gabriel Menard, Jesse Greener, Axel Guenther, Douglas W. Stephan, Eugenia Kumacheva
Frustrated Lewis pairs (FLPs) comprising sterically hindered Lewis acids and bases offer the capability to reversibly capture CO2 under mild reaction conditions. The determination of equilibrium constants and thermodynamic properties of these reactions should enable assessment of the efficiency of a particular FLP system for CO2 sequestration and provide insights for design of new, efficient formulations of FLP catalysts for CO2 capture. We have developed a microfluidic approach to studies of FLP–CO2 reactions, which provides their thermodynamic characterization that is not accessible otherwise. The approach enables the determination of the equilibrium reaction constants at different temperatures, the enthalpy, the entropy, and the Gibbs energy of these reactions, as well as the enhancement factor. The microfluidic methodology has been validated by applying it to the well-characterized reaction of CO2 with a secondary amine. The microfluidic approach can be applied for fundamental thermodynamic studies of other gas–liquid reactions.