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Microbead-Based Platform for Multiplex Detection of DNA and Protein

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posted on 01.03.2017, 00:00 by Xiangjun Liu, Tao Bing, Dihua Shangguan
We present a novel microbead-based detection platform as a simple and universal strategy for simultaneous determination of multiple biomolecules. This platform is composed of streptavidin coated uniform-sized polystyrene microbeads, dye and biotin-labeled ssDNA or aptamer probes, and quencher-labeled complementary sequences. By this method, upon target binding to the probes, quencher strand dissociation is triggered, which results in fluorescence reactivation of the microbead linked probes. The fluorescence variation is readily monitored by flow cytometry and with a high sensitivity. Explicitly, this microbead-based detection platform shows a high sensitivity for target DNA with a detection limit as low as 0.20 nM, alongside good selectivity from one-base mismatched DNA. This novel platform also shows good selectivity and high sensitivity for protein detection when aptamer is used as a probe. The detection limit for lysozyme is as low as 8.56 nM. Moreover, simultaneous detection of multiple targets has been achieved via incorporating different dye-labeled probes on the microbeads concurrently. We have also applied this developed strategy to the detection of target DNA in human serum. This strategy can be easily extended to other targets through simple probe and quencher variation.