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Methanolysis as a Route to Gallium(III) Clusters:  Synthesis and Structural Characterization of a Decanuclear Molecular Wheel

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posted on 2006-10-30, 00:00 authored by Giannis S. Papaefstathiou, Anastasia Manessi, Catherine P. Raptopoulou, Aris Terzis, Theodoros F. Zafiropoulos
Treatment of a methanolic solution of gallium(III) nitrate with lithium hydroxide in the presence of benzilic acid resulted in the decanuclear cluster [Ga(OMe)2{O2CC(OH)Ph2}]10 (1). The metal and the organic components have assembled to form a cyclic molecule that adopts the structure of a wheel. The 10 GaIII ions are approximately coplanar and are coordinated in a distorted octahedral manner by six oxygen atoms. The integrity of the molecular wheel is retained in solution, as evidenced by the 1NMR spectrum of 1 in DMSO-d6, while no signal in the 71Ga NMR could be detected.