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Metasurfaces with Electric Quadrupole and Magnetic Dipole Resonant Coupling

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posted on 13.04.2018, 00:00 by Viktoriia E. Babicheva, Andrey B. Evlyukhin
Collective resonances in plasmonic nanoparticle arrays with electric dipole moment oriented along the lattice wave propagation are theoretically investigated. The role of electric quadrupole (EQ) and magnetic dipole (MD) moments of gold nanoparticles in the resonant features of the arrays is analyzed. We perform both semianalytical calculations of coupled multipole equations and rigorous numerical simulations varying contributions of the electric and magnetic multipoles by changing particle size and shape (spheres and disks). The arrays in homogeneous and nonhomogeneous environments are considered. We find that even very weak nonresonant EQ and MD moments of a single particle are significantly enhanced in the periodic lattice at the wavelength of collective (lattice) resonance excitation. Importantly, we show that in the infinite arrays the EQ and MD moments of nanoparticles are coupled and affect each other’s resonant contributions. We also demonstrate that at the lattice-resonance wavelength, the enhanced EQ and MD moments have contributions to reflection comparable to the electric dipole one, resulting in a satisfaction of the generalized Kerker condition, reflection suppression, and strong magnetoelectric coupling in the structure.