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Metallic and Carbon Nanotube-Catalyzed Coupling of Hydrogenation in Magnesium

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posted on 19.12.2007, 00:00 by Xiangdong Yao, Chengzhang Wu, Aijun Du, Jin Zou, Zhonghua Zhu, Ping Wang, Huiming Cheng, Sean Smith, Gaoqing Lu
Synergistic effect of metallic couple and carbon nanotubes on Mg results in an ultrafast kinetics of hydrogenation that overcome a critical barrier of practical use of Mg as hydrogen storage materials. The ultrafast kinetics is attributed to the metal−H atomic interaction at the Mg surface and in the bulk (energy for bonding and releasing) and atomic hydrogen diffusion along the grain boundaries (aggregation of carbon nanotubes) and inside the grains. Hence, a hydrogenation mechanism is presented.