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Metal–Organic Framework-Derived Porous Hollow Co3O4/ZnO Nanofibers for H2S Sensing

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posted on 2024-04-10, 14:55 authored by Xiaoyan Song, Zhaoyang Pan, Zhipeng Wang, Wanchun Huang, Jinfeng Xing
Metal–organic framework (MOF) materials with various shapes and sizes are recognized as outstanding templates for preparing porous metal oxides used as gas-sensitive materials. Here, a facile synthetic strategy is developed to assemble ZIF-67 and ZIF-8 into Co3O4/ZnO hollow porous nanofibers with an MOF-on-MOF heterojunction for gas-sensing applications. The fabricated sensor using this innovative MOF-on-MOF nanomaterial demonstrates high gas sensor response, low limit of detection, remarkable selectivity, and excellent stability to H2S gas. Notably, the Co3O4/ZnO nanofibers show a maximum response of 50 and 1080 at 200 ppb and 5 ppm of H2S under optimal conditions, respectively. Furthermore, the gas-sensing mechanism is proposed in detail, and theoretical calculations based on first-principles further reveal the performance of Co3O4/ZnO nanofibers in enhancing the sensing of H2S. This study offers an approach for fabricating dual MOF-based nanostructures with abundant pores and high surface area for high-performance gas-sensing applications.