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Metal–Organic Coordination Polymer to Prepare Density Controllable and High Nitrogen-Doped Content Carbon/Graphene for High Performance Supercapacitors

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posted on 14.12.2016, 00:00 by Jinwei Luo, Wenbin Zhong, Yubo Zou, Changlun Xiong, Wantai Yang
Design and preparation of carbon-based electrode material with high nitrogen-doping ratio and appropriate density attract much interest for supercapacitors in practical application. Herein, three porous carbon/graphene (NCGCu, NCGFe, and NCGZn) with high doping ratio of nitrogen have been prepared via directly pyrolysis of graphene oxide (GO)/metal–organic coordination polymer (MOCP) composites, which were formed by reacting 4,4′-bipyridine (BPD) with CuCl2, FeCl3, and ZnCl2, respectively. As-prepared NCGCu, NCGFe and NCGZn showed high nitrogen doping ratio of 10.68, 12.99, and 11.21 at. %; and high density of 1.52, 0.84, and 1.15 g cm–3, respectively. When as-prepared samples were used as supercapacitor electrodes, NCGCu, NCGFe and NCGZn exhibited high gravimetric specific capacitances of 369, 298.5, 309.5 F g–1, corresponding to high volumetric specific capacitances of 560.9, 250.7, 355.9 F cm–3 at a current density of 0.5 A g–1, as well as good cycling stability, nearly 100% of the capacitance retained after 1000 cycles even at a large current density of 10 A g–1. It is expected that the provided novel strategy can be used to develop electrode materials in high performance energy conversion/storage devices.