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Metal-Free Domino One-Pot Decarboxylative Cyclization of Cinnamic Acid Esters: Synthesis of Functionalized Indanes

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posted on 2016-11-16, 00:00 authored by Alavala Gopi Krishna Reddy, Gedu Satyanarayana
Trifluoroacetic acid promoted unprecedented domino reaction for the synthesis of diverse indanes starting from simple cinnamic acid esters is described. Their formation can be explained via acid triggered decarboxylation of cinnamic acid esters and subsequent inter/intramolecular cyclization. Overall process involves in the intramolecular cleavage of two σ-bonds (C–O and C–C) and inter/intramolecular construction of two/one C–C σ-bond(s). Significantly, this protocol was successful without the aid of any metal salts.