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Metal-Free Construction of Fused Pyrimidines via Consecutive C–C and C–N Bond Formation in Water

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posted on 07.11.2018, 16:19 by Pramod K. Sahu, Praveen K. Sahu, Manvendra S. Kaurav, Mouslim Messali, Saud M. Almutairi, Puran L. Sahu, Dau D. Agarwal
A facile and efficient protocol has been developed for mild construction of fused pyrimidines via l-proline-catalyzed reaction of 4-hydroxy coumarins, aldehydes, and 2-aminobenzothiazoles/urea. The reaction has been carried out rapidly and efficiently in water under mild and metal-free conditions. Current etiquette has efficiently synthesized the heterocycles and avoids the use of hazardous solvents over conventional organic solvents. A plausible reaction mechanism has been established in this study. This study represents the first case in which l-proline as a homogeneous catalyst has been explored in the synthesis of fused pyrimidines in water in view of simple procedure and acceptable efficiency. This method gives the target product in excellent yield with ease of workup.