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Metal-Free C(sp3)–H Azidation in a Radical Strategy for the Synthesis of 3‑Azido-2-oxindoles at Room Temperature

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posted on 2018-08-13, 00:00 authored by Wei-Ting Chen, Le-Han Gao, Wen-Hui Bao, Wen-Ting Wei
A novel and environmentally attractive C­(sp3)–H azidation of 2-oxindoles involving the formation of a C–N bond was developed. This methodology achieved for the first time 3-azido-2-oxindole construction under metal-free conditions at room temperature via a radical strategy. PhI­(OAc)2 was used as the oxidant and Et3N was used as the additive in this transformation. Furthermore, the mechanistic study indicated that this azidation involved a radical process.