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Metabolic Engineering-Based Rapid Characterization of a Sesquiterpene Cyclase and the Skeletons of Fusariumdiene and Fusagramineol from Fusarium graminearum

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posted on 07.03.2018, 20:45 by Guangkai Bian, Anwei Hou, Yujie Yuan, Ben Hu, Shu Cheng, Ziling Ye, Yingtong Di, Zixin Deng, Tiangang Liu
The potential power of sesquiterpene synthase FgJ03939 from Fusarium graminearum was fully exploited in a farnesyl diphosphate-overexpressing Saccharomyces cerevisiae chassis to produce the novel sesquiterpenes fusariumdiene (1), epi-fusagramineol (2), and fusagramineol (3) with 5/7 bicyclic and 5/6/3 tricyclic ring systems, respectively, as well as five known sesquiterpenes (48). The structure of the unusual skeletons was characterized, and an absolute configuration was proposed. A mechanism for the biosynthesis of 18 was also proposed.