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Merging Halogen-Atom Transfer (XAT) and Copper Catalysis for the Modular Suzuki–Miyaura-Type Cross-Coupling of Alkyl Iodides and Organoborons

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posted on 2022-01-21, 18:35 authored by Zhenhua Zhang, Bartosz Górski, Daniele Leonori
We report here a mechanistically distinct approach to achieve Suzuki–Miyaura-type cross-couplings between alkyl iodides and aryl organoborons. This process requires a copper catalyst but, in contrast with previous approaches based on palladium and nickel systems, does not utilizes the metal for the activation of the alkyl electrophile. Instead, this strategy exploits the halogen-atom-transfer ability of α-aminoalkyl radicals to convert secondary alkyl iodides into the corresponding alkyl radicals that then are coupled with aryl, vinyl, alkynyl, benzyl, and allyl boronate species. These novel coupling reactions feature a simple setup and conditions (1 h at room temperature) and facilitate access to privileged motifs targeted by the pharmaceutical sector.