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Membranes for Continuous Nonenergized Air Freshener Perfume Delivery

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journal contribution
posted on 02.11.2017, 00:00 by Gui Min Shi, Lin Hao, Kelly Anderson, Tai Shung Chung
Membrane-based liquid air fresheners are attracting significant market interest because of their small size and ability to allow continuous delivery of perfume compounds without the need of external energy sources. However, the air freshener membranes that enable the nonenergized delivery are rarely reported in the literature except in patents. For the first time, we investigated a commercial air freshener membrane systematically to provide thorough characterizations of the membrane materials, morphology, and pore information. The interaction between a model perfume containing four compounds and the membrane was also studied through liquid wetting and contact angle measurements. Long-term tests to track the air freshener revealed that the perfume release rate was dependent on the perfume reservoir composition in a controlled external environment. Lastly, perfume transport through the membrane was investigated for the correlation of membrane properties and liquid flux through the membrane. This pioneering study may provide essential information for future improvement over the existing air freshener membranes to enable continuous perfume delivery without an energy provision.